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Living water is our flagship product. Purified through a 7 filter process, micro-structured, and Infused with 84 minerals and trace elements. Living water is the only hydration solution that is alive with the right percentage proportion minerals to strengthen your immune system for today’s lifestyle. Creating the perfect balance for a healthy body, mind & soul

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Agua e Vida is unique in that Reverse Osmosis water purification is infused with Minerals & Trace Elements creating Mineralised water.

As pollution, acid mine drainage, uranium and sewage runs freely into our drinking water, cancer and disease has risen to dangerous levels. In addition to Reverse Osmosis, we use extra filters, namely Isogram and glass medium filters, to rid the water completely of these pollutants.

Through our industrial Reverse Osmosis filtration systems all dissolved solids are destroyed, both the good and the bad. What we are left with is dead water which is simply flushed through our bodies having no positive cellular interchange thus depriving our bodies of minerals.

Agua e Vida infuses, by using Himalayan rock salts, specific levels of Minerals and Trace elements back into Reverse Osmosis water re-creating a substance that is in-line with our bodies blood plasma. When the body recognises its own kind an interchange of elements occurs, thus allowing waste materials to be flushed out and life giving elements to be absorbed.

Life starts and is maintained at a cellular level creating perfect internal homoeostasis. Agua e Vida has its foundation and development grounded in scientific research from specialists in their field.

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