Pine Gel

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Pine Gel is a pine-scented cleaning gel containing disinfecting properties. Pine Gel is a powerful grease-cutter and is suitable for cleaning all washable surfaces as well as stain removal in laundry. The product is soluble in hot or cold water.

Directions for use:  Always wear the appropriate protective clothing and read Safety Data Sheet prior to use.

Dosage:  Cleaning Surfaces:  Add 50-100ml to 5L hot water. Allow to dissolve and clean as usual.

Stain Removal:  Add 50-100ml to 5L warm water. Allow to dissolve. Add laundry and allow to soak. Rinse and add garment to washing machine and wash with detergent.


Surfactant system A 7%-9%

Surfactant System B 2%-3%

Pine Oil 4%-10%

Ecotoxicological data: Product is Bio-degradable

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