Situated just outside Howick, in the KZN Midlands, is Preston Farm. Nestling in the rolling hills of the Karkloof, this beautiful farm – established in 1972 – is a family farm owned and run by Grant Warren. When he joined his father, John,in 1990, the farm was a smallholding with no more than 20 Jersey cows and one old tractor. With no working capital, it was one step at a time. Beginning with a small patch of cabbages, income was continually reinvested and the farm has grown to become the Home of La Petite France.
  GMO free and grain free dairy products are handmade on Preston Farm. Jersey and Swedish Red cows graze the lush green pastures surrounding the dairy and factory. Grant’s philosophy is one of natural balance so the focus is on milk quality and not quantity. An abundance of rye grass enables the cows to produce rich, sweet-tasting, top quality milk. Cows, being natural grazers, are given the freedom to graze the fields day and night, the whole year round. They are not fed grains or maize silage since almost all modern grains are genetically modified and are crops which require chemical spraying with insecticides and other poisons.
Our cows are not pushed for production using processed foods or hormones.They develop a high natural immunity thus minimising veterinary interventions. This translates into milk with high food value, digestibility and delicious natural sweetness. Regular testing ensures high health and safety standards are met.
With the factory being situated on the farm near the dairy, there is no need to store or transport the milk.We use it still warm from the cows!
Our cheeses are handmade using gentle techniques and processes. We keep it simple…just milk and cultures…no chemicals, colourants, stabalisers or any other additives. Their natural, full-bodied flavours derive from setting nature to work as was the tradition in days of old. 

La Petite France

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