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Clever Food for the Road

Eating while on the go, particularly on holidays and road trips, can be FUN and balanced at the same time.

Planning ahead and building healthy habits can help us feeling nourished, satisfied and able to enjoy a journey that lies ahead. Think picnic when planning food for the road. It is also advisable to stop often to prevent road-tiredness, and while stretching your legs, enjoy a lovely colourful picnic basket while standing to ensure proper blood circulation in you legs.

Here are a few questions to start with:

  1. How often do I choose to eat?

While we don’t necessarily need to have a snack in order to be healthy, waiting too long in between meals usually ends up in a disaster – for both sleepy drivers and hangry passengers.  Starvation often leads to overeating later in the day.  For satiety and satisfaction aim for a balanced snack or meal every 3-5 hours.

  1. How do we overcome snack-challenges on the road?

Hurdle 1:  Leaving in a rush and forgetting to pack a cooler box.

Solution:  Packing enough water for the road is a good start.  Even if stopping for meals is on the menu, pack some snacks – see examples below.

Hurdle 2:  Mindless munching and bottomless supersized bags.

Solution:  Buy single units or pack pre-portioned snacks in containers e.g. trial mix, peanuts and raisins or nuts.  Fighting boredom and trying to unwind by eating can be prevented by packing games, books or hobbies for the road.

  1. Is there a place for junk food?

It is all about choices.  If we choose what we really love and enjoy it in moderation, the consequences will be worth it.  Plan for balanced meals first.  Feeling lighter and more energetic will be the reward.  A nutritious holiday can be more fun.

Road Trip Snack Ideas:

  1. A smoothie in a travel mug for the car (blend together yogurt, frozen berries, banana and unsweetened juice or milk/milk alternative).
  2. Raw veggies – cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, snap peas or celery with a cottage cheese dip or hummus. (Pack forks or tooth pics).
  3. Hard boiled eggs and whole grain crackers.
  4. Popcorn (homemade, air-popped with butter, coconut oil or olive oil and a pinch of salt).
  5. Sliced Biltong or Droewors
  6. Fresh fruit (a handful of grapes, apples and other in season).
  7. Apple slices with cheese or peanut butter.
  8. Greek yoghurt topped with nuts or fresh fruit.
  9. Ham and cream cheese wheels. (Ham slices, rolled up with cream cheese inside).
  10. Trail mix – dried fruit (raisins, dried cranberries, dates, figs, prunes or dried apricots), shelled nuts or seeds (peanuts, almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds), coconut slices, cocoa nibs, chocolate bits or pretzels.
  11. Multigrain crackers, cheese slices and cherry tomatoes.
  12. Whole-grain sandwich with peanut butter / nut butter and slices of banana.
  13. Cold leftover pancakes or French toast with peanut butter or cream cheese and jam.
  14. Banana bread, banana / bran / carrot muffins and cubes of cheese.
  15. Mini pizzas made with bagels or pita bread and tomato sauce, meat, veggies and cheese.
  16. Whole-grain pita bread and hummus.
  17. No-Bake Date & Nut Protein Bars – see recipe

18. Macadamia & Coconut Chocolate Energy Bites – see recipe

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